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Beyond public policy, BOMA/Chicago, through the collective knowledge and experience of its members and stakeholders, has assumed a role of bringing innovative technology and practices in energy usage, management and efficiency to building operations.  Bearing in mind that building members will make smart investments in efficiency, retrofits and sustainable infrastructure if given the right opportunities, BOMA/Chicago continually works to bring financing sources, technology and expertise to its members.  Through various partnerships and educational programs offered through BOMA/Chicago, the City of Chicago’s commercial office building community has proven itself to be a willing partner in sustainable building operation. In every instance, BOMA/Chicago member investment has led to increased employment, decreased business costs, a more favorable business environment and an overall greener local economy in Chicago.

Demand Response Markets

Bringing awareness, policy development, technology and expertise to members about demand response markets. 

Legislation and ICC Regulation

Advocating on laws, rules and other proceedings that impact energy rates and overall costs on behalf of our members.


Monitoring utilities responsible for delivering energy to BOMA/Chicago members.